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Welcome Folsom Lacrosse Families,

            Thank you for volunteering!! When you access the volunteer schedule you will find a list of all the volunteer jobs needed by your team.  The “Open” column shows either “Full” or how many volunteers are still needed for that job.  Click anywhere on the line of an Open job to sign-up for that job.

 Please sign-up for a job or multiple jobs which total a minimum of 10 “credits” per player for that player’s team.  Credits are listed for each job.  Generally, a credit equates to an hour of time commitment, but credits can also vary dependent on level of effort (e.g. away game sideline manager is less credits than home game sideline manager as more tasks are required of the home game sideline manager).  Some jobs are a commitment for an entire season while others are specific to a particular game or event.  Job descriptions are attached and available in the Documents tab of the FLA website.  Your team’s volunteer sign-up schedule may not have all of the jobs listed in the Volunteer Job Description document, as your Team Manager has tailored your schedule based upon minimum needs and number of volunteers available, to help minimize the amount of volunteer hours required from each family.

 If you have any questions, please reach out to your Team Manager or contact Lovi Yu at Have a great season!


Team Volunteer Link
Boys 14U Red
Boys 14U Black
Boys 12U Red
Boys 12U Black
Girls 14U Red (Veteran)
Girls 14U Black (Rookie)
Coed 8U
Girls 10U
Boys 10U




Team Manager

1)     Team game/volunteer reminders and info emails 

2)     Solicitation/Assignment of Volunteers for games/events

3)     Confirmation of Referees/Coaches for home games

4)     Coordination of Game Box/Table/Chairs for home games

 Water Jug Manager

Bring an FLA provided water jug (filled with ice and water) to each game (home and away), for use by the players/coaches/refs to refill their water bottles as needed. 

 Pop-Up Tent Manager (away games only)  

Bring your personal pop-up tent to each rainy or greater than 80 degree away game for use by the players and coaches to stand under as needed.


Photograph the players during games, post the pictures for parents to download, and provide pictures to FLA for posting to the FLA website.  Personal camera required.


Video the games, providing the video to the coach for analysis and coaching purposes. Can also be uploaded for players/parents to download/view.  Personal video camera required.

Statistician (only if requested by coach) 

       Track statistics during each game, summarize and provide to the coach for analysis and coaching purposes.




Score Keeper (home games only)

Sit at the game table, keep track of scoring, penalties, etc.  Training available.

Game Clock (home games only)

Sit at the game table, keep track of the time left in each quarter as well as any penalties being served.  Training available.

Away Game Table Support (Girls only)

2 people from each team are required to be at the table for each girl’s game, including away games.  Home game score/clock positions are posted separately.

 Tent/Table/Chair Set-Up / Tear Down (home games - first and last games of the day only)

Two large pop-up tents, the game table, and 3 chairs need to be brought from our storage shed down below of the parking lot at Livermore (by the baseball field) up to the field and setup before the first game of the day and then must be torn down and returned to the shed at the end of the day.  There is a wagon that is used for transporting the equipment.  Typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete this task.  A FLA Board Member will meet you at the shed to unlock it.