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General information:


Lacrosse Equipment list and sources

Note Hockey gear is not acceptable



Boys/Men's equipment Typical price range Notes (you generally get what you pay for … higher priced equipment is often stronger, lighter and more durable)
Lacrosse sticks (shaft & head) attack      $40 - $120  
Lacrosse sticks (shaft & head) defense      $100-$200  
Lacrosse gloves       $30-$130  
Helmet       $90-$200

Folsom Cordova Colors are Red/White/Black.  Helmet should be primarily white with red visor and chin.

Mouth guard       $5 - $20 Must be "highly visible"; Clear or white not permitted
Arm pads       $20-$40  
Shoulder pads       $40-$80  
Rib pads (optional)       $25-$50  
Cleats   Football or soccer cleats; cleats can not be more than 1/2" long
Protective cup    
Lacrosse balls, each     $1.50-$2.50  
Goalie gear    
Chest protector       $40-$120  
Goalie gloves       $35-$140 Better gloves have steel protected thumb
Goalie lacrosse stick       $50-$150  
Goalie throat guard       $10-$40 Make sure the guard will fit the helmet
Goalie pants       $50-$60  
Note Hockey equipment is not acceptable    
Major brand names for Lacrosse equipment - Brine, Warrior, Stx, Shamrock, DeBeer
Helmets - Stryke, Cascade, Gait, Brine,    
Girls/women's equipment    
Lacrosse stick       $30-$100  
Goalie Lacrosse stick       $50-$150   
Goggles       $20-$60  
Gloves (optional)       $25-$35  
Goalie gloves       $60-$80  
Stores, on-line 



Lacrosse Fanatic 
(916)363-8700 (Sacramento store)
9500 Micron Ave #114
Sacramento, CA 95827

Well stocked with both men and women's gear


Further stick recommendations: 

  Girls- STX Starter kit (or just the stick)    

Boys 8U and 10U
Boys 12U and Up -