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Welcome to Folsom Lacrosse Association
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Welcome to Folsom Lacrosse Association!


Covid-19 Update

By now you have likely seen the message from the NCJLA regarding practice and game cancellation through April 12th.  In addition you know that school is shut down through April 14th, City of Folsom fields are closed through at least 3/31, and our local government has issued orders for us all to stay in our homes unless we have a valid reason to go outside (I checked and lacrosse is not on the "essential services list").  Unfortunately, it is not looking like we will have an opportunity to be back on the field until mid April at the earliest.

Our board is in constant communication looking to salvage any part of this season and we look forward to the next batch of information coming from the City/Schools every few days and the NCJLA after their April 6th meeting.  In the meantime, here is a list of lacrosse related activities that you can do to urge your players to stay connected to the game during these unprecedented times.

  • Check out Lacrosse Fanatic's playlist for increasing your skills and lacrosse IQ
  • Take a look at Encore's Wall Ball routine and other techniques at LacrosseSkool
  • Read Jon Gordon's The Hard Hat, an excellent book about a Cornell lacrosse player and how to be a good teammate
  • Watch lacrosse games on youtube or Lacrosse Sports Network and really study the OFF-BALL movement that is taking place.  The more you watch, the more you can try to emulate
  • Be active in the space you have.  Footwork, wall ball, push-ups, etc. can all be done with very little space.


We will keep you posted on any updates we have via the website and/or our social media platforms.  Stay healthy, stay sane, and #keeplaxgoing!



by posted 03/19/2020
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